Recommendation Station: Hadley (hadleywehner)

Today’s edition of Recommendation Station has been put together for Hadley, another friend from university who wants something to read outside of the three rereads she’s taken on this month – and are captivating enough to not make her turn to Twilight. Likes: Strong female characters in stories where accomplishments/achievements come before looks/romance. Historical fiction/fantasy.… Continue reading Recommendation Station: Hadley (hadleywehner)

11 Foodie Memoirs To Get Lost In

Fun fact: my favourite niche non-fiction genre is food memoirs. Specifically, food memoirs written by women – though I’m willing to broaden my horizons if the topic interests me. The connection between food and life, how it influences our choices, how it feeds our souls (as well as our bodies) is something I’ve always felt… Continue reading 11 Foodie Memoirs To Get Lost In

Netgalley Round Up #1

I am a self-confessed Netgalley fangirl. When I was starting my Bookstagram (@readswithniamh, go check me out), I often stared at picture bursting with ARCs (advanced reader copies) and wondered if I would ever meet those dizzying heights. However much longer later (I was not a very consistent user in the beginning) and I’m still… Continue reading Netgalley Round Up #1